Saturday, August 30, 2008

freshen up / well worn

Today I had thoughts of redecorating a bit. There seems to be a need for change / where many people have tread - here the floor of a cool vintage store in Athens


ELK said...

love the colors in both you talk about what you are posting before? I have a diptych on my blog today ~ black and white.

spread your wings said...

oh thank you. i almost didn't post yesterday because i didn't think we had anything good to show.
We don't talk about the images before but it's funny how they work together many times. Sometimes she sends me hers before i choose which one of mine from that day i will use but we don't try to shoot to match. so far, most days, i am pleased with the pair and the subtle symbolism in them.
I'll go take a look at your blog for today.
stay safe.


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